Brain Burps About Books

In this episode you will listen to songs, jokes, and stories about how libraries and the librarians who staff them inspired and supported us as children, paving the way for our careers as children's authors and illustrators, including, though definitely not in alphabetical order as they are listed below.
Thanks for listening, and tune in next week when we announce all our contests for Little Chicken's Big Day or keep an eye out on my Facebook page.

Two notes - The first song is sung by Judy Freeman, and after the second song, that's Mordicai Gerstein talking.

Contributing authors:

    Laurie Halse Anderson
    Kathi Appelt
    Sarah Aronson
    Jeannie Brett
    Diane deGroat
    Sarah Dillard
    Erin Dionne
    Jan Donley
    Jody Feldman
    Judy Freeman
    Mordicai Gerstein
    Deborah Heiligman
    Amy Huntington
    Lita Judge
    Jarrett Krosoczka
    Sarah Darer Littman
    Eric Luper
    Ann Martin
    Wendy Mass
    Anne Mazer
    Jenny Meyerhoff
    Jenny Moss
    Bernard Most
    Micol Ostow
    Laura Ruby
    Peter Sis
    Hope Anita Smith
    Tanya Lee Stone
    Kyra Teis
    Leslie Tryon
    Kristin O'Donnell Tubb
    Linda Urban
    Ned Vizzini
    Nancy Werlin
    Karen Romano Young
    Sara Zarr

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