Brain Burps About Books

In this episode you will hear

  • a Betsy Bird (A Fuse #8 Production) of Quest of the Warrior Sheep by Christopher and Christine Russell
  • a Take5 Marketing Tip on Facebook Fan pages from Dianne de las Casas
  • how Barbara got teens reading and writing through graphic novels
  • why I think her book is great for adults who want to create graphic novels
  • the awesome teacher's guide for You Can Do a Graphic Nove
  • Doodlebug, a Novel in Doodles by Karen Romano Young
  • the Hudson Book Festival
  • why journaling  helps you to get to know your own process
  • how Scott McCloud's books helped me with The Curse of Addy McMahon
  • how to see your work start to work in harmony
  • a visual graphic to help you keep your plots and characters straight

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