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  • Club Burp-a-Palooza is having it's first Prize bomb on Monday! Imagine: you sign up, it's only .19¢ a day, and you win something worth $25 or $50, $100 $300 or more! You gotta be in it to win it! Go to 

  • Did you hear about the free course I'm giving away on It's called 100 Things Every Writer must do to be a Success online 

  • For the Brain Burps 200th episode, what do YOU think we should do to celebrate? What should the show be about? I discuss an idea I have but I want to hear from my listeners so please leave a comment at

  • This week's guest is indie picture book writer and great marketer, Beau Blackwell. He's created a course for people interested in publishing their own books on Amazon and basically shares everything he knows from his own experience (listen, and you'll hear about that!) You can find the course here: Beau has generously offered a huge discount for my listeners if you use the code Katie. Clever code, huh? ;-)

  • Before you publish your book, edit it with Emma Walton Hamilton's Editor-in-a-Box which will save you a ton of money, too, if you're hiring an editor. Why? Because you'll skip a lot of the editing errors you would have paid for with the editor! Cool part is you get to use it on every book you plan to publish! You can get it here:


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