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BBAB 212 : Why SkippyJon Jones Almost Skipped the Show

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #212

Why SkippyjonJones Almost Skipped the Show

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  • Julie Hedlund helps us express gratitude.
Marketing Question of the Week
  • What should my platform look like? How do I do it without being pushy or tacky?
This Week's Guest is Judy Schachner!

Described by the New York Times as “…something like the James Joyce for the elementary school – set…”, Judy Schachner is the #1 NY Times Best Selling Author/Illustrator of over 23 books for children including Bits & Pieces, the Skippyjon Jones series, Yo Vikings, The Grannyman and Willy and May. She has won many awards including the first E. B. White Read Aloud Award.

Judy and I talk about
  • If SkippyJon Jones a kitten or a dog?
  • Should you use your “normal reading voice” or use accents when reading out loud?
  • the 10 year anniversary for SkippyJon Jones!
  • Judy’s creative process and tips on how you can help your own
  • Judy’s next big project
  • How you can become a picture book writer
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