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BBAB 218 : Reedsy | Connecting Publishing Professionals to Writers

BBAB 218: Reedsy | Connecting Publishing Professionals to Writers

An Interview with Reedsy Chief Operating Officer Richard Fayet

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This Week's Guest is Reedsy Chief Operating Officer Richard Fayet!


This week’s guest is Richard Fayet. Richard is one of the co-founders of Reedsy, a curated marketplace designed to streamline self-publishing. On Reedsy, authors can connect with vetted, industry-experienced editors, designers, marketers and translators and work with them through in-built project management and collaboration tools, keeping all the workflow in one place.

Richard and I talk about
  • Getting tough with their Terms of Service.
  • How they get their curated professionals.
  • Their 10% fee.
  • What collaboration tools they offer.
  • What publication tools they have available.
  • Author profiles.