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BBAB 222: Social Media Power Tips for Power Users

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #222

The Art of Social Media: Tips for Power Users

An Interview with Author, Speaker & Social Media Pro Peg Fitzpatrick, co-author with Guy Kawasaki

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This Week's Guest is Peg Fitzgerald!

This week’s guest is Peg Fitzpatrick. Peg is an author, a speaker and, social media marketing pro. Covering all the major social media platforms, she frequently hears “you’re everywhere!” She’s passionate about life, social media, and inspiring others to be their best. She co-authored The Art of Social Media with Guy Kawasaki.

Peg and I talk about
  • Easy ways to use Canva.
  • Rules about selling on your personal Facebook profile.
  • What you can do on your Facebook page.
  • The 20% rule of Facebook ads.
  • $5 a day ads.
  • Why should never buy Likes.
  • Should you sponsor your own content as an author?
  • Authors who are doing it right: Elizabeth Gilbert and Hugh Howey.
  • Why you need an author platform.
  • Who should your identity be online if you’re writing for different genres?
  • Hashtag strategy – Using Google plus for related hashtags
  • How to grow your list through social media.
  • How to check how you look to others…be anonymous.
  • Best way to put a post on G+
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