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BBAB 226: Create Your Author Platform Month Closes with Illustrator Sandy Williams

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #226

Create Your Author Platform Month Closes with Illustrator Sandy Williams

Illustrators Need Platforms, Too!

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This Week's Guest is Sandy Williams!

This week’s guest is Sandy Williams. Sandy is an illustrator and was one of my Crank It Up Implementation students this winter. She specializes in natural science illustration and design. Sandy also teaches courses in learning to paint with gouache, the medium she uses most for her illustration and design work.

Sandy and I talk about 
  • How creating a platform has helped her sell her book.
  • How creating a platform has helped her create an email list.
  • How Sandy went from flailing to goal setting.
  • As a non-techy, how she’s creating her platform using video.
  • What would happen if past-Sandy met present-Sandy!