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BBAB 231: A New Storytelling Form Brings History to Life

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #231

A New Storytelling Form Brings History to Life

An Interview with Author Entrepreneur Sarah Towle

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This Week's Guest is Sarah Towle!

This week’s guest is Sarah Towle. In 2009, Sarah Towle realized that the "book" she was writing was not yet destined for print, but would make a series of killer interactive apps. From that moment, she began building Time Traveler Tours, a start-up developer and publisher of mobile StoryApp iTineraries targeting educational tourism. More recently, with the introduction of digital authoring tools, Sarah also founded Time Traveler Tales, an imprint dedicated to publishing story-based interactive histories for tablet devices for the school and library markets.

Sarah and I talk about
  • Educational Tourism for Teens: In the Footsteps of Giants.
  • The making of the David.
  • Time Travelers Tours and Tales – her new digital imprint.
  • Author Mary Hoffman and her Stravaganza series and Amazing Grace.
  • What happens when your idea is 5-10 years ahead of the industry.
  • Why her first app will never be a financial success even though it was critical success.
  • Who created the app Beware Madame la Guillotine, A Revolutionary Tour of Paris.
  • Being an iBook author.
  • What a UX designer is and why you need one if you are designing an app.
  • How she created Madame la Guillotine to be used in the classroom.
  • Why a Kickstarter campaign isn't just about raising money.
  • How you can submit your idea for the next Time Travelers Tours & Tales story.
  • How you can find her Kickstarter campaign and be a part of history!