Brain Burps About Books

In this episode you will get to listen to Teacher Librarian & Technology Specialist Shannon Miller! In this episode you'll hear...

...who will sub for A Fuse #8 Production's reviews (okay, okay...announcing Travis Jonker of 100 Scope Notes to take Betsy Bird's place while she takes care of her soon-to-be new Baby Bird!)

...Jennifer Hubert Swan of Reading Rants rant about fab Fall previews!

And with Shannon you'll hear all about...

voice thread - a web 2.0 tool for kids to upload pictures and they can also make comments in different ways

using iMovie or Garageband with kids

are kids learning the standards by using tech in school?

incorporating the standards

Skyping with other classrooms across the globe

how to get kids voting online with @MrSchuReads

LitWorld's campaign for Poetry Month and getting kids involved in that

where does Shannon get all the great info she tweets out?

how a community supports the tech advancements in a school



podcasting with kids

all the things Shannon won for her students!

The Shorty Awards (guess who won?!!)

A Take5 Marketing Tip from Dianne de las Casas. Subject: Google calendars

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