Brain Burps About Books
BBAB 216 : Going to Sea with Dr. Bob Ballard

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #216

Going to Sea with Dr. Bob Ballard

An Interview with Scholastic Author Karen Romano Young

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This Week's Guest is Karen Romano Young!

This week’s guest is Karen Romano Young. She is an author, illustrator, science communicator, comic creator, and deep sea diver. Her work includes graphic novels and science articles, young adult and middle grade novels, and books about the ocean and animals.

Karen and I talk about

• How Karen got to dive to the bottom of the ocean in Alvin.
• Writing for NASA, Wood’s Hole, extreme outreach.
• Did you know the NY Times is written so a 12-year-old can read it?
• Going to sea with Dr. Bob Ballard.
• Hydro-thermal vents 40 years after Dr. Ballard discovered them.
• Mapping parts of the ocean with robot submarines.
• Hundred Percent.
• Sea Turtle Rescue.
• Doodlebug.