Brain Burps About Books

I promised last week to bring you Part 2 with Stephan Hovnanian and give you more Google Plus Training and here it is!

In the week's episode you'll hear:
  • how to get your questions answered on the podcast by going to Speakpipe.
  • me try to pronounce a word I never say out loud.
  • a new gratitude segment from Julie Hedlund. Finally!
In The Interview with Stephan Hovnanian You'll Hear About
  • more tips for Google+.
  • when to schedule a Google Hangout On Air.
  • how to market your Google Hangout.
  • using Google+ to increase your mailing list.
  • what Google Drive is and how to use it to collaborate with others.
  • the Launch Team mentioned in the podcast is now closed, but you can find How to Promote Your Children's Book here.
  • how to get one of Stephan's books for FREE! (Hint: Scroll down!)