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How To Make a Smart Dummy

I finally got my first podcast done with my new fab audio equipment! 

You can also hear it if you go to iTunes/Brain Burps About Books. I decided to re-record this podcast and include the images here, as it never really worked properly with Garageband. Oh well...this way I can include links.

Starting with the Podcast Answerman, Cliff Ravenscraft, who was, and is, such a huge help to me, whether I'm listening to his podcasts or hiring him as a consultant. Thanks, Cliff!
I'm very excited about my new toll free number. If you want to call in any questions or comments, please call anytime - it doesn't ring in my house so you could call at 3 a.m., though why you are up at that hour is beyond me. But if you are, and you desperately need to know the answer to a kidlit question, the number is 888-522-1929.
It's August, so that means it's Get Ready for Kindergarten Month!  I'll be at RJ Julia Booksellers on August 18 at 10:30a.m. to do a kindergarten event. You can get signed and personalized books by going through that link! They'll mail the books to you the minute I go into the store and sign them, so if you have a kindergartener or teacher you think would like any of my books, please support this indy by purchasing through them.
This episode is all about picture book dummies. What they need to include, how to make them, and why you should use dummies, even if you only write (IOW, you are not also an illustrator). I hope you'll listen! 

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