Brain Burps About Books

In this episode of Brain Burps About Books you'll hear ...

  • a review from Travis Jonker of 100 Scope Notes: Small Saul by Ashley Spires
  • a Take5 Marketing Tip from Dianne de Las Casas: Activity Pages
  • a great app review site called Apps for Children with Special Needs
  • about a new children's bookstore in Katonah, NY
  • me asking you to take a survey on my site about what you'd want to learn in a how-to-create-booktrailers webinar

 ... and in the interview with Verla, you'll hear

  • about how she gets upwards of a million hits per month
  • and how she created her enormously popular chatboard
  • the site that supplies the code for her chatboard (which she referred to as but it's .org and you can find it here)
  • how Verla keeps her board up-to-date
  • how she administers the board why she created it
  • flamers and other meanies
  • why she doesn't allow politics and religion
  • her secret sections (shhh)
  • her charm bracelet with charms symbolizing her books
  • why I think Verla should monetize her site
  • yet another reference to Cliff Ravenscraft because a fan sent him a check for $12,000 as a tip
  • how Verla keeps it safe for kids how creatives feel like outsiders as kids (repeating what E.B. Lewis said in last week's episode!)
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In this episode of Brain Burps About Books you'll hear an interview with E.B. Lewis talking about his trip to Israel and...

  • the new project he's working on his remarkable lotto icon art which you can see on my blog
  • how we creative types don't fit in as children
  • how it sounds from my regular (that is, art) studio, rather than the little attic closet I've been using)
  • questions from listeners Patty Hopkins and Suzanne Bloom with answers from Jane Yolen and Emma Dryden
  • a review from Travis Jonker, from 100 Scope Notes: Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie by Julie Sternberg, illustrated by Matthew Cordell
  • a Take5 Marketing Tip from Dianne de Las Casas: Reviews
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Whats on this episode:

  • Tommy Greenwald, author of Charlie Joe Jackson' Guide to Not Reading is my guest on today's show.
  • Review by Bookalicious Pam: Fury by Elizabeth Miles
  • Info on my "I Hate Twitter" Webinar
  • SCBWI LA 11 recap
  • Why you should never try to sell books out of context
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No guests today except my wonderful contributors while I'm off at the 40th Anniversary SCBWI conference.

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Business consultant Jeff Korhan talks about how to expand our reach in our creative business.

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