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BBAB 233 - Video on the Biz Chix Podcast

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #233

Video on the Biz Chix Podcast

The Biz Chix interviews me!

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This week I'm a guest on the Biz Chix Podcast with Natalie Eckdahl!

As a busy Mom of three and co-Founder of, Natalie Eckdahl is trying to juggle a million things and is on a quest for the holy grail of “Work/Life Balance”.  On her Biz Chix Podcast, Natalie interviews amazing women entrepreneurs, and a few cool dudes, five days a week. Each entrepreneur shares work/life balance and productivity tips as well as their journey. She interviews amazing guests who run international brands and still balance all that life throws at them. Natalie gets them to spill all their secrets of how to get it done.

Natalie and I talk about
  • My childhood.
  • Why I like to help people.
  • How to work through the tough stuff.
  • Dirty Dishes.
  • How I became a children's book writer and illustrator.
  • Amazon FBA.
  • Using video in your online platform.
  • How I got so techy.
  • How you can make more money but you can't make more time.
  • Using YouTube and how you can customize your channel.
  • KatieDavis.TV
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