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Listener Mailbag: Part 2

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  • This week I'm answering more questions from the good ole' mailbag!

    Tune in to hear the answer to these burning writer questions:

    • What are Twitter lists and what can I use them for?
    • There are SO many things to do – build a website, start an email list, be active on social media. I’m overwhelmed and suffering from “analysis paralysis”. What should I do?
    • If you could do this again from scratch....what is one marketing move you would do again and what one marketing move would you not do again.
    • What is the best way to market your book when you are on a shoestring budget?
    • As someone who doesn't crave the spotlight, I wonder how to get over that dislike of the limelight and peddling my own wares. Are there effective ways for wallflowers to promote their books too?

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