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BBAB 248: Writing for Children - New Podcast from Katie Davis

I’ve got a sneak peek at something new you might want to know about…

Writing for Children Podcast Episode 000 (a little preview)

Hi, I’m Katie Davis. I started Brain Burps About Books back in 2010 and continued it for 6 years and 247 episodes.

I wanted to give you a little head’s up that I’m creating a new show now. As the Director of the Institute of Children's Literature, I wanted to do a show focusing more on craft. This show will be shorter, have tips and links to great resources for children’s writers, whether you write for pre-k, mg, teens or inbetween.

Yes! We will have weekly downloadable transcripts, something my previous subscribers always wanted, and they’ll include extra tips and links! 

We’ll have a weekly Q&A, and if your question is featured on the show, you’ll receive our heavy canvas tote with the gorgeous new ICL logo embroidered on the pocket. 

We’ll be having a huge giveaway to celebrate the launch, with prizes worth almost $2,000. If you want to know when that happens, go to and sign up so you won’t miss a thing (and as a ty for signing up, you get the first two chapters of How to Write a Children's Book FREE)!

I’m super excited about this and hope you’re going to love it, and learn from it too! Again, sign up at

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