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BBAB 234: Listener Mailbag

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #234

Listener Mailbag

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This week I'm answering questions from the ol' mailbag

Tune in to hear the answer to these burning writer questions:

  • How do you balance a "just do it" attitude with thoughtful planning in your platform & products?
  • What should I do to focus my marketing on social media to attract readers in my genre?
  • What is one tip you would give to someone just starting out?

Resources mentioned in this episode

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BBAB 233 - Video on the Biz Chix Podcast

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #233

Video on the Biz Chix Podcast

The Biz Chix interviews me!

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This week I'm a guest on the Biz Chix Podcast with Natalie Eckdahl!

As a busy Mom of three and co-Founder of, Natalie Eckdahl is trying to juggle a million things and is on a quest for the holy grail of “Work/Life Balance”.  On her Biz Chix Podcast, Natalie interviews amazing women entrepreneurs, and a few cool dudes, five days a week. Each entrepreneur shares work/life balance and productivity tips as well as their journey. She interviews amazing guests who run international brands and still balance all that life throws at them. Natalie gets them to spill all their secrets of how to get it done.

Natalie and I talk about
  • My childhood.
  • Why I like to help people.
  • How to work through the tough stuff.
  • Dirty Dishes.
  • How I became a children's book writer and illustrator.
  • Amazon FBA.
  • Using video in your online platform.
  • How I got so techy.
  • How you can make more money but you can't make more time.
  • Using YouTube and how you can customize your channel.
  • KatieDavis.TV
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BBAB 226: Create Your Author Platform Month Closes with Illustrator Sandy Williams

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #226

Create Your Author Platform Month Closes with Illustrator Sandy Williams

Illustrators Need Platforms, Too!

I am grateful for
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  • Kellie Johnston, for the lovely thank you note she wrote to me on how I changed her career in three minutes!
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  • The peeps who’ve been thanking me for my free training.
  • My new students. Not only am I grateful, I’m impressed. You’ve taken a leap of faith in your own career. Nicely done.
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This Week's Guest is Sandy Williams!

This week’s guest is Sandy Williams. Sandy is an illustrator and was one of my Crank It Up Implementation students this winter. She specializes in natural science illustration and design. Sandy also teaches courses in learning to paint with gouache, the medium she uses most for her illustration and design work.

Sandy and I talk about 
  • How creating a platform has helped her sell her book.
  • How creating a platform has helped her create an email list.
  • How Sandy went from flailing to goal setting.
  • As a non-techy, how she’s creating her platform using video.
  • What would happen if past-Sandy met present-Sandy!

BBAB 225: Fifty Shades of Greatness

Fifty Shades of Greatness

A Conversation About Creating the Life You’ve Been Yearning For with Paula Jean Burns

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This Week's Guest is Paula Jean Burns!

This week’s guest is Paula Jean Burns. Recognized for her leadership as a highly skilled Project Team Manager within the Information Technology field, Paula Jean delivers powerful strategies to her clients leading them to attain significance and purpose which she describes as  “Living Life All In." After 25 years of leading high profile teams and projects for a leading health care system, Paula Jean’s world was rocked when she experienced 2 major life events within the same year causing Paula Jean to pause and declare:  “So, this is it?  There must be more to life!” Paula Jean responded by taking her life off “auto-pilot” and regaining control as the driver of her life.  It was in taking this bold move that led Paula Jean to discover her life’s true work, reconnect to her passion and for the first time to live her life All IN!

Paula Jean and I talk about
  • Intuitive Mindful Leadership.
  • Living All In.
  • Fifty Shades of Greatness.
  • What does “bespoke” mean.
  • How to create the life you’ve been yearning for.
  • What she thought of my beta test!
  • How my platform tips helped her even though she's not exclusively a writer.
  • Making these platform principles applicable to everyone.
  • Learning lessons backwards!
  • The benefits of narrowing down your audience.
  • How to be specific and authentic at the same time.
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BBAB 224 : Why Would a Performer Need To Build a Platform?
  • Where should you start building your platform? Let me show with my FREE video training. Hurry! It's only available until May 3rd! Text 33444 and enter the code KATIED to get signed up for my free training!
  • Great listener question from Vicky in today's podcast: "How soon should someone wait after they start their blog to write their first book?" Do you have a question you'd like me answer on the podcast? Click here:
This Week's Guest is Jackie Reynolds!

This week’s guest is Jackie Reynolds. Jackie finished up one of my Crank It Up with Katie coaching sessions. A multi-award winning performer, Jackie Reynolds, brings laughter to the Hudson Valley and beyond as Jackie the Magician, Bee Bee the Clown, Mrs. Santa Claus & the Fairy Godmother. Since 1992 her creative entertainment, quick wit and refreshing humor have delighted audiences at community events, company picnics, day care centers, libraries, schools,  senior centers and 1000’s of parties. Jackie has now added children's book author to her extensive resume.

Jackie and I talk about
  • Why Jackie wanted to build a platform online.
  • How building email changed her business.
  • Gaining control of your platform through an email list.
  • Props to Harold Underdown, Jackie’s editor for her two books.
  • Why she was told to take the wild animals out of her books
  • How Jackie published her books through Hillcrest media and Mill City Press.
  • Jackie’s direct results from having an email list.
  • Don’t miss our P.S.!
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BBAB 223: From Tech Phobic to Master Blogger

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #223

From Tech Phobic to Master Blogger

Platform Building with Author Vivian Kirkfield

This Week's Guest is Vivian Kirkfield!

This week’s guest is Vivian Kirkfield. Vivian is one of my exceptional students! She got her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and was a kindergarten teacher in New York City for many years. Then she decided to stay at home and raise her children. As a daycare provider, she was able to do that. The program of activities she put in place for those children became the basis for her award-winning parent-teacher resource, SHOW ME HOW!  BUILD YOUR CHILD’S SELF-ESTEEM THROUGH READING, CRAFTING AND COOKING.

Vivian and I talk about
  • How Vivian started building her author platform.
  • Don’t miss the #giveaway on Vivian’s blog!
  • Julie Hedlund’s 12x12 membership.
  • Why writers need to build their platform and where to start.
  • Will Write for Cookies – her fabulous series.
  • How Vivian adds people to her email list.
  • How to get your free anti-bullying toolkit guide for kids.
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BBAB 210 : My#1 marketing tool that’s helped me sell more books

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Brain Burps About Books Podcast #210

My #1 Marketing Tool That's Helped Me Sell More Books

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This Week's Guest is YOU!

I recently did a survey asking you what questions you have about marketing your books. There were over 500 responses and today I will answer one question I think is most representative of what you want to know: What is the #1 tool that helped your sell more books?


Note to my podcast listeners

When I was listening to Fresh Air on NPR I thought, "Hey! I could do that, but with children's publishing as my focus!" That's how Brain Burps About Books got started. Writing is so solitary. I thought it would be a great way to get to talk to my friends and make new ones, plus I could help others learn. Maybe I'd learn some stuff myself, too. I've had the privilege of talking to the first three National Ambassadors for Young People's Literature, to librarians and New York Time's bestselling authors. I've interviewed to booksellers and publishers, writers, illustrators, app creators, and app distributors, and more! There is always something new on the horizon to learn and to share. So many listeners have asked how to support the show, and actually, now you can. I've installed a donate button to help defray the costs of producing the show. What do you learn or get out of Brain Burps every week? If it's worth donating a dollar, two dollars, five, or whatever you think the show is worth to you, it would help enormously. The show costs $20 a month to keep on the server, and that's only if there are four shorter episodes in a month. That number doesn't include other costs like my time to research and record, post, edit the intros and outros, web hosting, and equipment and software to do all this. I ended up loving podcasting. I love my listeners. My "Burpers!" This is my gig, I know. and like I said, it's an incredible experience for me. But if you've you've been helped, or just love it too, and you're able, here's your opportunity to help defray the costs. No matter what, thank you for being a Burper!


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Brain Burps About Books Podcast #208

Holiday Replay: How to Promote Your Book

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This week authors share their fails, successes, and ideas, so listen up!
  • Uma Krishnaswami direct from India!
  • Chris Cheng talks about python massages
  • Loreen Leedy talks about promoting and making money at the same time here
  • Darcy Pattison talks about creating book trailers with help from this site
  • Editor Deborah Halverson reveals her big fail that happened with her own book
  • Julie Hedlund stumbled upon a great way to pre-promote for the time she gets published
  • Elizabeth O. Dulemba talks about how she's gotten over 3 million hits on her site in the last 2 years
  • Dan Santat talks about his unique and indy-supporting win-win-win idea
  • Elizabeth Stevens' gets published authors to tell about their big failures and fakes me out in the interview!
  • Christine Fonseca talks about her'll have to listen to hear!
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This week's guests are Elaine Kiely Kearns is a picture book writer, a second grade elementary school teacher and a mother of two, who lives on coffee, chocolate and humor. Armed with a master’s degree in Education and working from her home office in New York, she spends her time writing and perusing the internet for golden nuggets of information for


Sylvia Liu is an environmental attorney turned writer-illustrator. She won the 2013 Lee and Low New Voices award and her winning manuscript, A Morning With Gong Gong, will be published. She recently completed an illustration mentorship with David Diaz through the Nevada SCBWI Mentor Program.  Her art and infographics have been published on Huffington Post and other venues. She is inspired by aliens, cephalopods, bunnies, and pigs who want to fly.


Heather Preusser reviews The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier

Julie Hedlund Gets All Grateful on Your A** about saying thank you––and here is the video I created on thank yous.

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